The State of Aotearoa New Zealand Abortion Law

post by Juliette

Aotearoa New Zealand’s current laws around abortion are ancient, and presents demoralising, dysfunctional, and sexist views of women. Abortion in New Zealand is represented as a crime, with limited exceptions to access, as it features in the Crimes Act 1961. The topic of abortion is a very controversial one, with heavy and alive debates that are concerned with weather to remove abortion from the crimes act and formally decriminalise it to make it a health issue as opposed to a criminal one. Other laws that regulate abortion in Aotearoa New Zealand are the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 and the Care of Children Act 2004. For a more in-depth account of these pieces of legislation see the law around abortion.

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Abortion Law Reform in New Zealand: Where are the Social Workers?

post by Jessica Steele

I write this with blog in the wake of the referendum on Ireland’s eighth amendment – the abortion referendum. It is being hailed as a landslide victory for the yes (repeal the eighth) campaign. I feel nothing but relief and a renewed resolve to see things change in Aotearoa. My thoughts go immediately to the family and loved ones of Savita Halappanavar. Six years ago, Savita died a wholly preventable death due to sepsis in an Irish hospital as she was miscarrying. She was denied a life-saving termination of pregnancy.

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