State House Tenants Deserve Compensation

post by Faith Freeman

An anonymous tip-off. Odd-looking behaviour. A ‘suspicion’. That was all it took for Housing New Zealand to swing into its ‘zero tolerance to methamphetamine’ action plan (Brown, 2016).

Step 1: Mobilise 20 to 30 Housing New Zealand staff per property to investigate and act.

Step 2: Erect yellow warning tape around the home so that it looks like the scene of a police murder investigation.

Step 3: Employ private meth-cleaning contractors, decked out in boiler suits, breathing apparatus and gas masks to test for the most minute trace of methamphetamine and launch full-scale de-contamination of the property.

Step 4: Evict vulnerable state house tenants onto the street and blacklist them for 12 months.

Step 5: Make sure state home is left empty for months in the middle of the country’s worst ever housing crisis.

Step 6: Take evicted state house tenants to the Tenancy Tribunal to retrieve costs for the above.

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