Work place harassment: the smoking gun paradigm

post by ‘Ellie Clearwater’

Semira Davis, an employee at New Zealand’s ASB bank, laid a formal complaint against her boss for harassment. Her allegations included unwelcome physical contact and the fact that he was ‘sketching’ her at work – the response? HR replied that he had a ‘knack for it’ (Anthony, 2018).

This, frankly shocking, response sums up the New Zealand attitude towards as very real social issue: Workplace harassment.

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The system isn’t working: support for rape victims

post by Suzette Jackson

Trigger warning : rape

A close friend* of mine was raped recently. She called me immediately afterwards to be with her. There is no way to explain just how powerless I felt. I hugged her as she cried. I was there when the police came. They asked questions about her behaviour and her drinking the night before. I felt angered that this even came up as an important point. They took away bedding and underwear. Her boyfriend raged. He tried convincing her not to press charges. He was all for vigilante justice. I tried to be a voice of reason. I said I thought the police were better now, that the system was better now, and that she could get some resolution from the process. Continue reading “The system isn’t working: support for rape victims”

‘Wanna hear a joke?’ (Trigger Warning – Sexual Assault)

post by Anonymous

“What’s the difference between football and rape? Women don’t like football” – Jimmy Carr, Comedian.

But it’s just a joke, right?

“Ninety-nine per cent of women kiss with their eyes closed, which is why it’s so difficult to identify a rapist” – Jimmy Carr, Comedian

A bit of ‘harmless’ fun.

The reality is that these ‘harmless’ jokes perpetuate society’s rape supportive attitudes. It trivialises rape to reinforce dangerous ideologies that normalises and diminishes violence towards women, and adheres to common rape myths that suggest female rape survivors ‘wanted it’, are to blame, and their credibility is questioned .

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