Coercive Control – Like Walking on Eggshells

a post by The Survivor

I came across an interesting article called Beyond “Witnessing”: Children’s Experiences of Coercive Control in Domestic Violence and Abuse (Callaghan,  Alexander, Sixsmith, & Fellin, 2015). This article introduced me to the concept ‘coercive control’ which I thought was intriguing. Academically, these words were new to me, but personally I found they were affiliated with my childhood experience. Helen Walmsley-Johnson on This Morning shared her experience on coercive control. Helen’s story seemed familiar to my mum’s story. The common factor they had was that they both did not recognise they were being emotionally battered by their husbands. I did not recognise it either. Helen’s story left me in a state of epiphany.

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The system isn’t working: support for rape victims

post by Suzette Jackson

Trigger warning : rape

A close friend* of mine was raped recently. She called me immediately afterwards to be with her. There is no way to explain just how powerless I felt. I hugged her as she cried. I was there when the police came. They asked questions about her behaviour and her drinking the night before. I felt angered that this even came up as an important point. They took away bedding and underwear. Her boyfriend raged. He tried convincing her not to press charges. He was all for vigilante justice. I tried to be a voice of reason. I said I thought the police were better now, that the system was better now, and that she could get some resolution from the process. Continue reading “The system isn’t working: support for rape victims”

Do the crime, nameless in time: The media and name suppression.

post by Anonymous

Name suppression seems to be something that is offered easily to offenders, despite political opinion, and something that becomes far more damaging to victims than the offence itself. This blogpost will sit from the stance of victims who are silenced and who are not given closure to heal through the name suppression of their perpetrator. It will not look at victims who are granted name suppression themselves.

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